Anykee – Пой

ANYKEE · Пой My work for this video includes the following: arrangement sound recording sound production mixing and recording flying drone editing the video

Drowning Mind

I composed, recorded, mixed, filmed & edited the video.

TakTak – Osen’


IDIOT (2019-2021)

Piano Improvisation

One day I recorded this piano improvisation to reflect my soul state at the moment and one time later I got to the place that suited well to that piece of music.

Antenna Tree – Сколько Часов

This is a lyrics video for an ANTENNA TREE song called “Сколько Часов” (Skol’ko Chasov, How Many Hours). Once I woke up early in the morning and flew around Saint Petersburg. It was a beautiful dawn during a military ship showcase on the Neva River. Then I figured out that it would be an excellent […]