Stepan Chervyakov

Stepan Chervyakov

Music Production


I can record or program some instruments for you
Usually, I need a track to play for and a track BPM.

Primarily I’m an electric guitar player and that’s my top expertise, so if you need excellent melodic rocking riffs and solos – I’m a good fit.

The price is $xx per hour, split by 30 min

  • Electric guitars
  • VST synths
  • Drums
  • SFX
  • any other recording session


Sound engineering / Editing

Preparing track for mixing – $xx per hour

This includes:

  • fixing time
  • vocal tune
  • fixing mistakes
  • exporting tracks from your project



For mixing I need a number of stem tracks in .WAV or .AIFF audio formats

Files better be in 24 bit, 44.1 or 48 kHz


  • 1 track – $xx
  • 3 tracks – $xxx
  • 7 tracks – $xx per track


Full Music Production

  • 6-hour session – $xxx + $xx for 1 more hour
  • fixing, production, mixing and mastering process from your demo – $xxx All of the rights and original files are included

Contact me for actual prices.